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This patient had been unhappy with her smile for a long time and came to me for a new smile make-over. Her teeth were crowded, discolored and the edges were rough and chipped. Porcelain crowns were placed on 28 teeth, and the front teeth were lengthened to give her a fuller smile.

Porcelain crowns and veneers give the most natural appearance since it transmits light naturally through the teeth. Crowns made with an inner metal base give a flat, opaque appearance and looks unnatural. This case was completed in just 3 weeks and the patient was very ecstatic about her new smile.


This patient had small spaces between her teeth and she did not like the shape of her teeth. Porcelain veneers were placed on 6 upper front teeth (from canine to canine). Her teeth were whitened with our 1 hr office whitening procedure before the veneers were made. The shapes and lengths of her front teeth were changed and now she exhibits a fuller, more pleasing smile.


This patient had spacing between his teeth and did not want braces to close these spaces. In addition, the two side teeth (laterals) on the upper teeth were small and not the proper shape. Four porcelain veneers were placed on only his upper teeth to close the spaces and reshape his teeth for a nicer smile. His teeth were also whitened with our 1hr office whitening procedure.


This patient had subtle imperfections with his smile and he did not like the appearance. He wanted his teeth to be longer and more even. Lumineers veneers were placed on 20 teeth on both top and bottom. Lumineers are ultra-thin veneers that are bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth. It involves no injections, and minimal tooth preparation and reduction. This patient was very pleased with his new smile.


This is an older patient who exhibited significant wear on her teeth from years of teeth grinding/bruxism, old dental restorations and heavy staining. In addition, she had worn down her teeth so much that her jaw was over-closed and gave her face a much older appearance. Porcelain crowns and bridges were placed on 28 teeth. Her bite was also opened more to allow for longer crowns and it gave her a much more youthful facial profile.


This patient had undergone years or orthodontic (braces) treatment to correct a missing tooth that she lost as a child. Before orthodontic treatment, the midline of her teeth were not in the center of her face which gave her an awkward smile. She was always unhappy and embarrassed about her smile. After 2 yrs of orthodontic treatment, some space was regained in the area of the missing tooth. Porcelain crowns and a bridge was placed on 10 of her upper front teeth. 1hr whitening was also completed. Now she has a beautiful smile and is no longer embarrassed to smile.


This patient had composite bonding on her two front teeth. These teeth were discolored and lacked luster and shine when she smiled. Composite bonding is not a long-term solution for cosmetic problems and will have to be replaced due to discoloration and dullness. Porcelain veneers were placed on her two front teeth to give a more natural appearance. The other teeth were re-contoured slightly to even out the edges. Now she has a smile that will last her many years to come.


This was a 12 year old patient who did not like her smile due to an enamel defect on several of her teeth. She was too young for porcelain veneers and I had told her mother that composite bonding will be her best option for now, and later, she can have veneers when she is older. A total of 5 teeth on the side and a few on the bottom were bonded with composite resin. She now has a more pleasing, natural smile.


This patient was brought to me by his fiancé, who was unhappy with his smile and wanted him to have a new smile for their wedding. This patient had many problems, mainly, his teeth were over-closed, had small teeth, and had a lot of old, faulty dental restorations. His bite was opened to accommodate longer teeth and to give him a more youthful facial profile. Porcelain crowns were placed on 24 teeth and his bite was opened by 4mm. The results came out beautifully and the patient and his fiancé were so happy with his new smile for their wedding.


This patient had a large space (diastema) between his front teeth. He did not want braces to close this space. To distribute this space evenly, 6 porcelain veneers were placed on his upper teeth. He also had our 1 hr office whitening before the procedure. Now he said he smiles with confidence and is very happy with his smile.


This patient is a professional who was embarrassed about her smile. She had old composite bonding on her front teeth that had discolored with recurrent decay around the edges. The old bonding was removed and 6 porcelain veneers were placed on her upper front teeth. She also had our 1-hr office whitening procedure. She was very happy with the results and she no longer has to worry about discolorations or leakage of her veneers.

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