Dental Bridges

dental-bridge A bridge is a replacement tooth that is supported and attached by a crown on either side of the space.

A dental bridge usually requires two visits – the first step involves examining, the second visit involves placement of the bridge itself.

First visit: As with preparations for single-unit crowns, the preparations for multiple-unit bridges must also possess proper taper to facilitate the insertion of the prosthesis onto the teeth. However, there is an added dimension when it comes to bridges, because the bridge must be able to fit onto the abutment teeth simultaneously. Thus, the taper of the abutment teeth must match, to properly seat the bridge.

Second visit: At the second visit, we will check the fit and color of the bridge.

Zirconium Bridges

We use Zirconium bridges – Zirconium is a very strong substance that can endure wear and tear of everyday use. When looking at Zirconium bridges from an aesthetic point it is clear and very similar to a natural tooth and reflects light the same way.

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