Oral Sedation and Nitrous Oxide

Fear of dentist? We offer oral sedation or conscious sedation in our office. It is ideal for those who are extremely fearful of dental procedures. A pill or a combination of pills will be given to the patient an hour before the dental procedure. Nitrous oxide may or may not be used in conjunction with the oral sedative. During the dental procedure, the patient’s vitals are monitored and documented and a dental assistant and doctor are both with the patient during the whole procedure. Complex dental procedures can be completed in less time and fewer appointments under sedation. Most patients do not remember the dental procedures and will sleep for the remainder of the day.

Nitrous Oxide Gas, often referred to as laughing gas, is an effective anesthetic that has many benefits for patients seeking dental treatments. Nitrous oxide has few side effects and is extremely safe to use for dental procedures. It acts fast and goes away fast so it is the anesthetic of choice for treating children. It is also used on adults who are fearful of dentistry or have anxiety and it acts to calm and relax them and make them less anxious. It also makes a person less likely to feel pain during dental procedures.

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